Dakota Johnson Reveals Her Real Feelings For Jamie Dornan

From the moment Dakota Johnson started filming Fifty Shades of Grey, many viewers commented that she and Jamie Dornan have a special bond.

Many were speculating that Dakota and Jamie will became a couple and that the actor will leave his wife.

Eventually, none of this is true. Not long ago, Dakota revealed her true feelings for her movie partner. She shared how he made her feel comfortable when they had to shoot some extensive sex scenes for Fifty Shades trilogy.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan

“It’s genuinely one of the fastest, closest friendships I’ve ever made in my life, just based on the amount of time we’ve actually known each other. I love Jamie, I trust him and I really couldn’t tell you if I could have done this without him.”

Dakota revealed that while shooting the movies, both of them gave each other support. They helped one another to overcome the sexual situations where their roles had to go naked.

“He’s my dream partner and supported me, I’ve supported him. It’s a lot to ask of two people, of two actors, to take on these highly emotional, sexual situations, but I think we’ve done us proud.”

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan

However, it seems like it is not a first time for Dakota to talk about Jamie. In a earlier interview with Vogue, she shared:“Jamie and I worked so incredibly closely for so long. There were no inhibitions, and it was very honest, very trusting. But I mean, what a gamble!”

Anyway, the 27-year-old actress, at the moment is occupied with Suspiria and Sound of Metal. Suspiria is a movie about a young American ballerina who comes to study at a German institute only to learn the dark secrets behind it. She is starring with Chloë Grace Moretz and Tilda Swinton.

About the Sound of Metal, Dakota will be seen sharing the space-time with Matthias Schoenaerts. He is a drummer  of a heavy metal band while Dakota will be playing the role of the singer.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan

Meanwhile, Jamie is busy filming Robin Hood.  Dornan will be playing the role of Will Scarlet. His free time he tries to spend with his wife and their children.

Amelia Warner, his wife, recently share her thought about Jamie’s closeness with Dakota.

“It doesn’t impact our life much in a day-to-day way. Nothing has really changed in our lives since Fifty Shades. The biggest change for us was having kids. We now live in the Cotswolds, rather than London. We are very removed from all the hype. I don’t see that stuff in the papers,” adds Warner.

Fifty Shades Freed is also set to release in February 2018.

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