How Dwayne Johnson earns and spends his money

“The Rock” is officially the highest paid actor of the last year. He made over 64,5 million dollars. That is why Business Insider decided to show you how Johnson earns and spends his millions.

He started out as a rugby player, being injury prone and with only 7 dollars in his bank account. He first appeared on TV on WWE Survivor Series in 1996. This brought him an opportunity to be a guest in the popular American show “Saturday Night Live”. Later he made his film debut in “The Mummy Returns” Dwayne Johnsonin 2011. After this he was in “The Scorpion King” for which he made 5,5 million dollars. His next role was in “Fast Five” for which he was paid 32,6 million dollars.

Despite making money from his movie roles and in his WWE fights he also has sponsors with clothes brands, Ford and other. In the past years he was also the producer of several movies that he was in like “Ballers”, “Baywatch”, “San Andreas 2” and other.
But how does he spend his money?

Johnson travels almost daily by a private jet. But what makes him such a generous person is the fact that he has given many of his friends, people that he works with and family members a car. He owns a property in Florida worth 4,5 million dollars and a farm in Virginia.
The worlds most paid actor will not stop. He has 7 movies scheduled till 2019.

Dwayne Johnson

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