Fifty Shades: Dakota Johnson Reveals Shocking Reality Of Filming It

We imagine that accepting a role in an erotic romantic drama would be something that they should think through thoroughly, especially when said erotica is from the world of BDSM (bondage-discipline-dominance-submission-sadomasochism, for those who don’t know). Filming regular sex scenes are awkward enough, we cant imagine how it is for the kinkier scenes.

Star Jamie Dornan has talked about on the topic before, once telling Jimmy Kimmel about the ‘wee bag’ he had to wear to cover his…private parts.

What  Dakota Johnson Reveals about Filming regular sex scenes?

And it wasn’t easier for his co-star Dakota Johnson. In an interview with Marie Claire, she revealed how it was to shoot those scenes,    explaining that she and Dornan often have to enlist a little Dutch courage before shooting.

Dakota Johnson Filming Fifty Shades

Dakota Johnson Reveals: “Most of [our preparation] is just really figuring out exactly how were are going to accomplish the scene beforehand-so that there’s not a lot of waiting around while we’re both vulnerable.

“But, if something is very, very difficult, it’s sometimes necessary to have a shot of something strong beforehand.”

Johnson also explained that there are also behind-the-scenes BDSM advisors to make sure things are done ‘the right way’.

“Jamie mostly had an advisor that was on set for the first film, not so much for the second,” she said.

“Then we just had people who specialized in knowing how things work, like how to use certain tools and toys.

“There’s a certain method. It’s very intricate and the details are really important. The rules are also really important. We didn’t want to go make a movie about something we didn’t research to the bone.


“So to really honor the BDSM community and we did it the right way.”

The hardest scene to shoot? That honor goes to a scene in the third film, who has just been released in theatres, where Johnson had her arms and legs cuffed to a gate.

“It’s like a fence thing that comes down. And I was blindfolded. And it was kind of shocking because I didn’t realize that no matter how prepared or rehearsed I was, when your senses are taken away like that, you can’t control the way your nervous system will react.

“So it was really tricky to navigate that scene. It was kind of difficult.”

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