Why Jamie Dornan Reportedly Doesn’t Speak With Dakota Johnson

Fifty Shades stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson may have a steamy relationship on screen, however, in reality, things are pretty much the opposite.In fact, the source claims that the two are no longer speaking.Dornan and Johnson play the lead couple, Christian Grey and Ana Steele, in the Fifty Shades trilogy, of which Fifty Shades of Grey was released in 2015, the second one in 2017 and the next one scheduled to be released in 2018.Apparently, the making of the movies has been quite a challenge for Dornan due to co-stars Johnsons “diva-like” behavior.

By the last film, everyone was ready to stop working with her, even going as far as going to her mouth.

“Dakota Johnson was such a diva on the Fifty Shades Freed set,” said the source. “She was out of control, it was incredible. The producer called [Johnson’s mother] Melanie Griffith and asked her to speak to Dakota about her bad behavior. It’s so bad that Jamie doesn’t speak to Dakota anymore. All of the people working on Fifty Shades are very happy this was the last installment of the trilogy!”

MRS. Grey - Dakota Johnson
MRS. Grey – Dakota Johnson

These claims on Dakota Johnson’s behavior are quite contradictory to claims by the director James Foley earlier this year. James said that Johnson was very intelligent and concentrated on her character, trying to make it more real and believable. He even said that she might be a director in the making, as she had quite a hands-on approach to everything. Sources say that the final film in the trilogy has just wrapped up filming.

Both of the two first films have been successful in theaters and on DVD/Blu-Ray.Last summer Fifty Shades Darker was number one on the US DVD/Blu-Ray sales, thanks to 13 minutes of bonus footage that had been cut from the film and it is an unrated version.


Each film focuses on different stages of the relationship between Chrisitan and And.The story is many peoples first look at unconventional BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism) that includes contracts and violence.

According to The Atlantic, the movies have not been received well by the BDSM community, due to the fact that they portray a character that agrees to sexual acts she is not comfortable with.Those who have experience with BDSM say that it is “healthy and ethical ways to combine sex and pain.”

Fifty Shades Freed opens in February 2018 — check out the steamy first teaser below.

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