Khloe Kardashian: Take care of your skin



We see Khloe Kardashian in the media all the time how she promotes her new figure and the results of the diet and her workout that halved her from what she used to be.Khloe Kardashian - 01

However, these days the reality star talked about another aspect of her life, that the public didn’t know about. Khloe revealed that several years ago she had moles removed from her skin that later turned out to be malignant. She said that she had moles all over her body and when she started looking it up on the internet she found out that she had to go to a doctor. The doctors removed a mole under her breast that luckily was not benign. But she wasn’t as lucky the second time.


“I had a mole on my back that was skin cancer. They cut of a big part of my skin. It was very painful because it was a lot of skin. The removal of the other moles wasn’t as bad. Now that I’ve gone through the process several times i am more aware of my body”, said Khloe.

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