Melania Trump suing “Daily Mail”

Melania Trump filed a lawsuit against the “Daily Mail” and an American blogger and wants compensation of 150 million dollars for the allegations that she was a prostitute in the 90’s. In the newspaper it was stated that Melania Trump worked as a prostitute in the 90’s in New York and that that’s how she met Donald Trump. Her lawyer Charles Harder said that the bloggers statements were “full of lies”.

The actions of the defendants are so malicious for Mrs. Trump, that the damage of her reputation is estimated around 150 million dollars – said Harder.

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Melania Trump initiated a lawsuit before the court in Montgomery County in Maryland. After the lawsuit, the blogger and “Daily Mail” withdrew their articles. Mrs. Trump is born in Slovenia and in the 90’s she moved to the USA to work as a model. She married Donald Trump in 2005.

In the “Daily Mail” articles, the Slovenian magazine “Suzy” is quoted that the agency that Melania Trump worked for, according to the judicial documents, it also worked as an escort agency. The blogger Webster Tarpley had an article saying that Mrs. Trump fears that her past will be revealed to the public.


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