Spectacular opening of the 2016 New York Fashion Week

“Target” opened the Fashion Week in New York with a musical event in a piano lounge which was made specifically by this clothing manufacturer and it attracted celebrities like Christie Brinkley, Kendall Jenner and Queen Latifah.

“This is a dream club for me”, said Paul Schaffer. “I would like to promote a well organized event with a lot of alcohol and singing”.paul shaffer

And there really was a lot of singing, especially when Schaffer, who was the musical director of the event, called up Brinkley to the piano and sang “Isn’t She Lovely” form Stevie Wonder. Brinkley, who was wearing a tight red dress, said that she would not attend to the rest of the Fashion Week in New York because she had an arrangement in the Caribbean and in Italy.

“I will miss everything except tonight”, said Brinkley. And what is her secret for her lasting beauty?

“I have been a vegetarian since 13. I have’t touched meat”, said Brinkley.christie brinkley

Because of the Fashion Week in New York it is like a beehive there. Several days before you could see warning signs: the subway was crowded with gorgeous models who going to castings. The Fashion Week in New York lasts nine days and is one of the key events, not only in the fashion industry, but in the whole city. The event brings more than 900 million dollars in the New York subway, more than the marathon in New York.

Tom Ford, who’s involved in the fashion and the film industry (his movie “Nocturnal Animals” had its premier at the Film Festival in Venice) arrived in New York to present the fall collection, unlike most of his colleagues which presented their spring collection for 2017

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