Tommy Hilfigers Fashion Carnival

Many designers want to add a little bit of theatrics in their fashion shows. But to take up a whole port in New York? Now that is something only Tommy Hilfiger can do, and of course, he did.

The designer came back to the Fashion Week after a pause. Frequently you can hear how people say that the Fashion Week in New York looks like a carnival. Well Hilfiger decided to take this idea literally and made a real carnival on a port in Manhattan to show his models.


Hilgier showed his 2016 collection for the fall and the collection “Tommy & Gigi” which he made with the supermodel Gigi Hadid.

But there was something more than the creations that caught the attention of the audience. Several feet from the catwalk the audience could get a temporary tattoo or get fancy artwork done on their fingernails. There were also arcade games, a 12 meter tall Ferris wheel, as well as other fun attractions and food stands.

Taylor Swift was also there to support her good friend Gigi Hadid. Kris Jenner was one of the many members of the Kardashians that was at the Fashion Week.


In one interview Hilfiger said that this event will not only be bigger, but more different.

“It will be a multimedia spectacle, it will brake all the laws in the fashion industry”. “Too make something unusual is a kind of revolution in the fashion industry” said Hilfiger.

Hadid, who opened and closed the show, said that she hoped to continue to design. She said that her experience with Hilfiger helped her learn a lot.


The creations in the “Tommy & Gigi” collection had a nautical theme. You could see sweaters in a fishing style, denim sailor pants and shorts, printed motives on anchors, as well as leather “nautical boots”.

Hadid opened the show with a cotton jacket and black leather biker pants.











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