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10 Big Questions TV Show Game Of Thrones Season Eight Must Answer

Warning: contains spoilers

The seventh season is officially over with the last episode being something. Lord Baelish was deceived by Arya and Sansa, while Daenerys and Jon Snow cemented their alliance in traditional tv show Game Of Thrones way (broadcast; trending on Twitter). And also the Wall was destroyed by the Night King and Viserion.

With 2019 rumored as the premiere date of the eighth and final season, it’s a shame the fans will have to wait 18 months for it. That means there’s a lot of time for people to theorize about the details of the previous seasons. To embark you on this journey, here are 10 big questions TV show Game Of Thrones season eight must answer.


Did Arya forget about her list?

After returning to Winterfell, she spent most of her time with Sansa, even though they seemed as if they were about to slice each other’s throats. Has she forgotten about her kill list, the thing that dictated her moves for five seasons?

Arya Stark


Is Jaime now an enemy to the Queen?

It wasn’t that surprising Jaime ended the season no longer at Cersei’s side. Their relationship has been turning more and rockier. Cersei became colder and immoral (that says something for a Lannister), while Jaime is more “lawful evil” – he’s guided by a sense of honor. When he found out Cersei was planning to betray the betray the new allies he wasn’t having it. He went north to join the war against the Night King. Is he an enemy of the Queen now and if so will he pay for his betrayal?

Cersei and Jaime

What’s with Sothoryos?

The Game of Thrones world is composed by four continents: Essos, Ulthos, Westeros, and Sothoryos. Essos and Westeros have been shown explored throughout the seasons. George R. R. Martin said Ulthos is this great unknown. “Even though Africa was known to Europe from the earliest days of ancient Greece we knew relatively little about sub-Saharan Africa” – said Martin. Then there’s Sothoryos. What’s the point of the place? It’s still mostly unknown to the audience and even the characters. It doesn’t add pretty much anything to the plot.

Game Of Thrones Map


Did Beric and Tormund die?

The duo ran for their lives when in the closing moments of the finale the Night King commanded Viserion to melt the Wall. They are seen running along the Wall and then, it cuts to the whole structure crashing down. Can no one survive such catastrophe surely? But Beric has already died and returned on many occasions. This one remains debatable.

Did Beric and Tormund die


Are we ever going to see Sandor vs Gregor?


Gregor Clegane, who’s a psycho, as a child burned and disfigured his brother Sandor. The Mountain and the Hound – as they’re known –  both became great warriors as adults. Both are considered babies and a fight has been teased in the books and series for years. The final seasons have been all about closing out stories and characters. We’re hoping Game of Thrones saves the best for last.

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