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10 Big Questions TV Show Game Of Thrones Season Eight Must Answer

What is Melisandre planning?


Last time we saw Melisandre she told Varys that she was planning to go to Volantis. She followed the news with a declaration concerning their fates. “I will return, dear Spider, one last time. I have to die in this strange country, just like you.” – she said of Westeros. She will probably be back for the final season. Will she bring something or someone with her? She may have a plan to rally an army to fight against the White Walkers. But her motives could be more enigmatic.


Are Daenerys and Jon allies or potential enemies?

 Daenerys and Jon

The kissing relatives’ alliance is in the honeymoon period. But nothing kills young love quicker than the discovery that one of them is a royal heir whose claim to the throne eclipses that of the other. Even if they get married, there’s place for one on the Iron Throne.


Are the gods real?

 Old Gods

Many characters in tv show Game Of Thrones worship a deity, including the Old Gods, the Faith of the Seven or the New Gods, the Lord of Light, the Many-Faced God, and the Drowned God. The Many-Faced God can help the followers become someone else. Those who follow the God of Light can resurrect people and summon fire. But we don’t know the true nature of these gods. Do they really exist, or are they just an excuse for some magic tricks? If so will they have a stake in the upcoming war with the dead?


Who is Azor Ahai?

The tv show Game Of Thrones chosen one. There were theories that point at Daenerys, Davos, Jon Snow, and even Jorah Mormont. At this point, it could be Jaime Lannister. The series has just six episodes to reveal who it is, and it would be pointless to just leave it like that.


Who will win?
Cersei and Jaime

You have the dead who aren’t really strong, but there are only three ways to kill them. The White Walker generals are much stronger even though Jon Snow beat that last one in seconds. Under the Night King with his mystical powers, loyal troops, and over a hundred thousand troops at disposal, the Army of the Dead is truly unified.

You also have the humans. The soldiers, a mish mash of different armies, most of whom hate each other, are led by Jon Snow and Daenerys. Nonetheless, the individual thinking of the leaders will keep the Night King unsteady. Oh, and they have two living dragons against the others one undead dragon. No matter who wins it will be a gruesome and bloody battle.

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