10 Impressive Qualities That Make Johnny Depp Unique

Johnny Depp has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world. And there are a variety of different reasons. While not all of them are centered around Jack Sparrow, the role surely added another dimension to the public perception of this great actor and musician.

Here are 10 good reason why Depp is incredibly special.

  1. The genius behind creating Jack Sparrow

When it comes to developing and portraying characters, Johnny Depp is the man. Each and every role is carefully researched for months. The multi-talented actor spent months with Hunter S. Thompson and The Rolling Stones musician Keith Richards to research the role of Jack Sparrow.

Johnny explained to The Rolling Stone why he selected Keith Richards to emulate for his Jack Sparrow role.

“I always thought of pirates being the rock stars of the eighteenth century. With both, the myth arrives before them. The word comes around the bend months before they arrive.”

  1. Johnny Depp won Sexiest Man Alive Twice

Depp won the actor People‘s Sexiest Man Alive award, even twice. Jack Sparrow displays the sexy rock star image, and his eyes are amazing.

  1. Johnny Depp is multi-talented

Johnny Depp isn’t just a brilliant actor who portrays Jack Sparrow with swagger. Moreover, he’s also an incredible guitarist. He has a lot of passion for both acting and music. Not many knew that Depp was a serious musician, when he first went on the road with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry as Hollywood Vampires.

  1. Johnny Depp is an intellectual

Johnny Depp grew up in a very ordinary middle-class family. Johnny had few financial advantages and dropped out of high school at 16 to pursue a career in music. There is nothing in this brilliant actor and musician’s background that would indicate he would have the potential to make over $400 million, much less attract the company of other brilliantly gifted individuals.

The Pirates Of Carribean star is friend with some of the most brilliant intellectuals of our time. He is well informed and more than capable of discussing about many complex topics.

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  1. and 6. Johnny Depp has exquisite taste and is also handy with a hammer

Depp is owner of 14 homes. A few of them he renovated and decorated himself. The restoration of his French village, often mocked by those who have no idea that he saved this historic treasure, is a part of his real estate investments. Moreover he did some of the renovations himself and managed his own interior decorating.

  1. Johnny Depp is kind, sincere, generous, and a loyal friend.

Depp was recently ridiculed in the media that he went broke. And while the information was meant to dishonor and shame the actor, no one has in mind his generosity and kindness behind the loanings to individuals who could not pay him back. Or maybe when he spent extravagantly on a dear friend’s funeral, etc.

  1. Johnny Depp is rare and exquisite

Johnny is a rare bird. Even his blood type is rare. Because of  his rare blood type, that Jack Sparrow face, Scissorhands soul, and all that brilliant talent cannot be cloned.

  1. Johnny Depp fights injustice

Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson managed to help three strangers that were imprisoned for a murder they did not commit. Depp and Manson didn’t even know Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskellery Jr. before they made a decision to get involved. Not only they managed to get the boys released but they spent time helping them reintegrate into society.

Johny Depp - Hollywood Vampires

  1. Johnny Depp cares about kids

The Public Enemies star is often visiting children’s hospital wards as Jack Sparrow, but not long ago he took it a step further, partnering with Make a Film Foundation to help bring 16-year-old Anthony Conti’s vision to life, in the movie Black Ghiandola. Because of Anthony’s disease, Depp agreed to be bitten by a zombie in the movie according to PR Newswire. The film is now available on Netflix.

Johnny Depp visits children's hospital in Australia dressed as pirate Jack Sparrow

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