15 Hottest photos of “Taboo” star you need in your life right now

One person is here to light things up. We watched him in RocknRolla. We noticed him in Inception. We were completely left breathless in This Means War but definitely became hooked in The Dark Knight Rises.

Even better that is Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy has enchanted women and men across the world. Simply we just can’t get enough of him. He’s one of the best actors in Hollywood today and is not too bad to look at either.

The Oscar-nominated actor is returning to the small screen, with his latest series ‘Taboo’. Honestly, we have never been more ready.

So, to see his hottest photos ever, click through the gallery of the ‘Mad Max’ star. As the saying goes, you can never have too much Tom Hardy.

All muscle

#tomhardy #taboo #sexiestmanalive #warrior

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Puppy love

Here you go hon. What more could you want?? #tomhardy #puppies ??

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Happy Monday everyone, here’s Tom Hardy just because.. #mancrushmonday #tomhardy

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That hair

Oh lordy ? #TomHardy #TomHardyFans #TomHardyPics #LoveTomHardy #WeLoveYouTomHardy

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Model pose

?? #tomhardy #alldayeveryday #mancrush #yesplease

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