6 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know About The Ladies Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’


Even though you may the theme song by heart, it doesn’t mean you know everything about the ladies from ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Keep scrolling to find out some surprising facts about the female stars on one of the most popular CBS’ shows:

Kaley Cuoco knows a thing or two about tennis


Kaley Cuoco


Kelly’s been playing tennis since she was three. She was a nationally-ranked amateur tennis player before she succeeded as an actress. Additionally, Kaley was ranked 54th in the Girls’ 14 Singles tennis ranking in Southern Californi, In 1998. Moreover, Kaley and the professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting were married. However, they divorced in 2016.

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Bialik doesn’t mess around with her hair


Mayim Bialik



Mayim Bialik who thinks about herself as a “hippie mama” created her own shampoo. She stays away from commercial cleaning products.


Kaley was not the first choice for ‘Big Bang’


Kaley Cuoco


In the show’s original pilot, Katie was the first neighbors’ name and she was played by Amanda Walsh. Then Kaley Cuoco replaced her. And she became Penny.

Anyway, that first version of the show CBS did not choose. However, the network approved the show once a new pilot was made with Kaley Cuoco playing Penny.


Mayim Bialik is super smart in real life too

Mayim Bialik


Actually, Mayim got accepted to both Harvard and Yale. However, she turned down the schools. And Amy Farrah Fowler actually got a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA

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Rauch loved the show before she was cast


Melissa Rauch


Melissa Rauch was already a big fan of “Big Bang” when she joined the show to play Bernadette. However, she tried to play it cool on set. According to reports from Variety, Rauch finalized her deal with Warner Bros. television to stay with the show. Reportedly, Melissa will be paid $500,000 per episode for 48 episodes.


Melissa Rauch loves NPR


Melissa Rauch


Five years ago, Melissa revealed to Sequential Tart, “My things have always been theatre related and comedy or I’m a major NPR listener. I’ve always hung around nerds and felt more comfortable in that nerd domain.”

Well, there you have it. The men may be the stars of ‘Big Bang Theory’. However, the ladies hold their own in real life, for sure!

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