Actress Drew Barrymore says she’d prefer to be with Kate Middleton rather than with Prince William or Prince Harry

Drew Barrymore in a recent interview stated that she would love to be with Kate Middleton and not with Prince William or Prince Harry.

In an interview for the show “Loose Women” on ITV the actress had to decide which British Royal family member she prefers.

Instead of choosing between them, the actress chose Kate Middleton, Prince William’s wife. It is known that the actress had spoken about her relations with women in the past.

“I’d love to be with Kate Middleton the most – at the risk of sounding controversial. Princesses over Princes!” – stated Barrymore.

The 41 year old actress also talked about her new comedy series “Santa Clarita Diet” on Netflix. She fell in love with the script the first time she saw it. The script made her laugh and you know that everyone needs a good laugh.

“When I got the script I thought let’s go for it.” – said the actress. She also added: “We’re not hurting anybody. It makes me laugh, which in 2017 is a necessity.”

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