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The Big Bang Theory Cast Reveals One On-Set Prank That Gone Wrong

At San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, the Big Bang Theory cast revealed a rather shocking on-set incident that sent one star to the hospital.

During season 6, in order to prank the cast and crew, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki planned a prank for a restaurant dinner scene on Valentine’s Day episode in which Leonard and Penny were fighting. The couple took it one step further when Galecki jokingly punched Cuoco in the face.

Unfortunately, Kayle’s head caught a chair on the way to the ground, by accident, splitting open her eye brow and causing her to bleed. Both of them were unaware of the injury. Johnny continued to fake beat her up till someone noticed that Kaley was bleeding. She managed to calm the crew on set and went off to get stitches. Because of the accident, Kaley had to shot the rest of the episode with that side of her face turned away from the camera.

And after that, “We’re not allowed to do those jokes anymore,” Cuoco said with a laugh.

The producers were able to unearth the video and shared it with the crowd. “If you listen carefully, you can hear Kaley say from the floor, ‘It all went awry,’” EP Steve Molaro said.

About Penny, fans were curious if they Penny’s last name will be revealed. “I have it in my head what I think that it is, but now I’m Penny Hofstadter, so it doesn’t matter what it is,” Cuoco shared.

The Big Bang Theory stars sing-a-long of “lost” verses of their famed song “Soft Kitty,” about other animals. “Sometimes we write and shoot things that we love but they don’t make it on TV so one thing from this season you never got to hear was Amy singing an alternate version of ‘Soft Kitty’ to Sheldon.”

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