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‘Big Bang Theory’ Season 11: Kunal Nayyar Teases What to Expect in The Upcoming Season

Not long ago, the star of “Big Bang Theory”, Kunal Nayyar, spoke about season 11 of the show. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, he was asked: Does Amy say yes? Unfortunately, he couldn’t spell the beans. “I can’t tell you,” Kunal Nayyar teased.

“But I’ll tell you so far we’ve shot almost four episodes, we’re in the middle of our fifth, and I can’t tell you how good the writing is this season,” he shared. “You know, season 11, it just keeps getting stronger and stronger, and we feel so lucky to be back and to be stronger than ever.”

We still don’t know what Amy will say to the proposal. However, Nayyar revealed that Sheldon and fans will still get an answer.

“There will be an answer this season one way or the other,” he promised.

“I thought that the season finale last season was some of the best 22 minutes of television I’ve ever witnessed. Then when I read this one, then we shot it, this is, in my opinion, some of the best 22 minutes on television,” he added. “We beat our season 10 finale by a lot, in my opinion.”

Speaking about Raj, apparently, he will stay single in season 11 too. Nayyar said he’s happy just playing a bachelor and it is not a problem for him.

Penny and Raj Big Bang Theory
Penny and Raj Big Bang Theory

“The fun is being the consummate bachelor because I really get to explore that side of his character,” he expressed. “I think if he was to just find love, not that it would be easy, but if he were to find love than I wouldn’t get to explore the many nuances of his character.”

“I’m enjoying sort of his single-hood or living vicariously through Raj,” Nayyar, who has been married since 2011, joked. “That’s probably not the best person to live vicariously through… but I think he’s going to try and he’s going to continue to struggle.”

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