How Celine Dion Is Getting Her Groove Back?

Almost a year and a half passed since Celine Dion lost her husband, René Angélil. He had a long battle with throat cancer and unfortunately lost it. Celine’s public mourning was heartbreaking. However, the time has passed, the world keeps turning. Now the “My Heart Will Go On” singer is forging ahead.

It is doubtless that Celine had and will always have a deep love for her husband. Last April, Dion, shared to the Sun that she believes she’ll grieve for the rest of her life. “I miss him a lot,” she said. “I miss him a lot — for my partner, for the man I was embracing, kissing, making love with. My worries, my dreams … I proved to René that he was there for me and I’m going to be there for him — and I’m still there for him.”

Celine Dion

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However, it doesn’t mean Dion that isn’t going to live her best life in future. Her European tour was a huge success, garnering record-breaking attendance.

But that fades into the background considering her new role as a style icon at the tender age 49.

The diva rocked many incredible looks, thanks in part to her “image architect” Law Roach, her new stylist. Even though they’ve been working together for a year now, the two really upped their game with everything Dion wore in Paris. For example, a no-pants, thigh-high-boots look that set the internet aflame.

Celine Dion


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But, wagging tongues say that Roach may not be the only reason who’s responsible for her new stylish glow. Paris Match shares that Dion is having a romance with one of her backup dancers, Pepe Munoz.

Obviously, they were spending a lot of time together in Paris. However, a quick denial via TMZ declares that Pepe is just a fashion illustrator whose work caught Dion’s eye. Therefore, he helped to sketch Celine’s amazing array of looks during Fashion Week.


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