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Charlie Hunnam Revealed The Last Surprise He Made To His Girlfriend In Order To Keep Romance On Reg


Not long ago, Charlie Hunnam revealed the last surprise he gave to long-term girlfriend Morgana McNelis in order to keep romance on the reg.

Charlie Hunnam, who stars in his new movie Papillon, talked about how he and Morgana keep their love strong, at the Toronto International Film Festival where the film is having its worlds premiere.

“I try to keep the romance on the reg. I’ve been with my girlfriend 11 years, and as anyone knows, it’s been a long-term, fully monogamous relationship that requires work, a lot of work.”

He thinks that work doesn’t need to come in grand gestures regularly. “Before I came away to TIFF I ended up staying until 5 in the morning because I decided I was going to clean the entire house,” he shared to PEOPLE, Entertainment Weekly and InStyle at the film festival.

Charlie Hunnam and Morgana McNelis

Charlie revealed that he took care of “all the grocery shopping” and “all of the laundry,” chores that according to him are usually “stuff that we just share and both do all the time.”


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“I thought it’d be nice for her to come home to everything immaculate and done,” Hunnam reveals. “I put flowers in the bedroom and in the kitchen, so she came home and was happy.”

Charlie Hunnam and Mr. Robot’s Rami Malek teamed up for his new movie. They will play the roles that were originally played by Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman in the 1973 movie of the same name. Actually, this movie is a remake of Henri Charrière’s memoir. Papillon shows the story of his imprisonment and his desperate escape from the Devil’s Island.

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