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Chris Evans slams Donald Trump! AGAIN!

Chris Evans is getting political again. He is definitely proving he was made for the role of Captain America. In a new profile published in Esquire, Chris opened up again, about politics and his feelings for the current Donald Trump administration. After he was warned not to talk about.

Evans, who had called the election results “an embarrassing night for America,” told the magazine that he feels “rage” and “fury”.

“It’s unbelievable. People were just so desperate to hear someone say that someone is to blame. They were just so happy to hear that someone was angry. Hear someone say that Washington sucks. They just want something new without actually understanding. I mean, guys like Steve Bannon — Steve Bannon! — this man has no place in politics.”

Evans’ agents or management advised him over his politically charged statements. They are concerned that his outspokenness will cost him at the box office. But he’s not worried and that is not enough to keep him quiet:

“Look, I’m in a business where you’ve got to sell tickets,” Evans admits. “But, my God, I would not be able to look at myself in the mirror if I felt strongly about something and didn’t speak up. I think it’s about how you speak up. We’re allowed to disagree. If I state my case and people don’t want to go see my movies as a result, I’m okay with that.”

I don’t even know where to begin. This man has no place in politics. Shameful. I truly hope that someday you learn to choose love over fear

— Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) March 12, 2017

“Some people say, ‘Don’t you see what’s happening? It’s time to yell,’” he added. “Yeah, I see it, and it’s time for calm. Because not everyone who voted for Trump is going to be some horrible bigot. There are a lot of people in that middle; those are the people you can’t lose your credibility with. If you’re trying to change minds, by spewing too much rhetoric you can easily become white noise.”

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