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Chris Hemsworth Just Revealed A Wish He Has

Chris Hemsworth, just coming off the back of his sixth outing as Thor, in the recently released Thor: Ragnarok, seems to crave more out of life. In fact, according to one of his latest Instagram posts, Hemsworth seems to be envisioning what it would be like to be a totally different person.

On the 28th of October, as the Daily Mail reports, the Thor actor seems to have a desire to be his friend and coworker, Chirs Pratt. In a picture posted by Chris Hemsworth, we can see the actor can be seen kneeling with his hand in a position of a prayer, next to a man smoking, in hopes that his wish might come true. The captions also state,  “everyone wants to be Chris Pratt. Even I want to be Chris Pratt.”. The actor also put his own caption just saying “Its true”.

While the post makes it quite clear that Chris has some kind of admiration towards Chris Pratt, this isn’t the first time the actor has shown this for the GoTG actor. During an interview with Elle Magazine, Hemsworth was asked when was the last time he felt intimidated by another man. He shared that he was “weirdly shaken” on his first appearance on the Guardians of the Galaxy set along with Pratt.

Hemsworth went on to say that he doesn’t recall any other man making him feel like this. However, he also describes Chriss Pratt as being “just so charismatic. And good at what he does.”

The pair will be working together as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Infinity War being the first collaboration, Hemsworth showed interest with working with Pratt on another project and that he also wants more movies being made in his homeland of Australia. With the set of Thor: Ragnarok being filmed in Queensland, Hemsworth shared that he really wants all of his projects to take place in Australia because he feels like this was one of the best experiences shooting a movie he has ever had in his entire movie career. From wanting to make movies in Australia to admiring Chris Pratt like us mortals, it seems that Chris Hemsworth has a lot before going to the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok








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