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Duchess Kate Reveals How Louis Made George Feel ‘A Little Grumpy’

On Thursday, the Duchess of Cambridge made a surprise appearance at the Nook center, Norfolk. Kate, who is a patron of East Anglia Children’s Hospices, was there to help create a new plant garden for children and their families to enjoy.

During the visit, she talked about how her family have been staying occupied during lockdown.

While planting sunflowers with the children, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are having a sunflower-growing competition. And apparently the ‘Boss Baby’ is currently leading!

Kate said: “The children are really enjoying growing their sunflowers.

“Louis’s is winning so George is a little grumpy about that!”

This is not the first time Kate has revealed a competitive streak in George. Speaking on This Morning, Kate revealed that George, wasn’t so happy about the fact that his sister Charlotte was getting more exciting school projects.

She said: “George gets very upset because he wants to do Charlotte’s projects. Because making things like spider sandwiches is far cooler than doing literacy work!”

Although Kate wore a pretty Marie-Louise floral dress by Faithfull the Brand, she wasn’t afraid to get her hands. She helped repot plants and laughed as she made “a big mess” while trying to repot a large sunflower.

Duchess of Cambridge visits the Nook children hospice garden

The Duchess donated the sunflower to Each in memory of nine-year-old Fraser Delf. He died in January this year at the Milton hospice in Cambridge.

At the Nook, the Duchess met Liam and Lisa Page too. The hospice is currently looking after their son Connor who was born with severe brain damage on March 5.
Duchess of Cambridge visits the Nook children hospice garden

Kate said: “Going through lockdown at the same time, when you can’t see your loved ones, you can’t share with people – there aren’t other families necessarily here that you can share your experience with…”

Liam replied: “It’s been very difficult, the staff here have been supporting us but it has been a difficult journey. We’re very grateful that he’s got this far.”

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