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Duchess Kate Reveals What Her Kids Sometimes Think About Being Photographed

Duchess Kate has just confessed that her kids, George, Charlotte and Louis can sometimes be reluctant to be photographed.

On Thursday evening, Kate released a video call between her and Ceri A. Edwards, one of her Hold Still finalists. They chatted about her photo which shows her daughter, Poppy, hugging her dad, Mark, before he started his shift as a paramedic in Newport, South Wales. 

When Kate asked if Ceri was a photographer, Ceri said, “No. Well, Mark would say otherwise just because I do take a lot of pictures of the family.”

Duchess Kate, mom of three kids, chuckled and responded, “It’s like me. Everyone’s like, ‘Mummy, please stop taking photographs.'”

Ceri agreed: “Absolutely. But I love it, and I love looking back.”

“I think when you have children, time seems to go into warp speed, really, and it’s just a lovely thing for me,” she added. “You look back and see how much the children have grown.”

During the call, Kate also heard about Ceri’s family’s experiences with COVID-19. “It’s such a sensitive and tender moment between a father and a daughter,” Kate said on the phone.

“These simple moments have impacted so many and really resonated with so many across the country so thank you for sharing your photograph and your story.”

She even got a chance to talk to Poppy, who starred in her mom’s photo.

“I loved seeing your big cuddle to your daddy,” Kate told her. “Cuddles are very, very important. I bet your daddy took that with him, and it helped him all the way through his day at work.”

Poppy responded politely, “Thank you. I was so scared about that he would get the corona.”

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