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Everything We Know About Kate And William’s Asia Tour

Another busy fall for Cambridge’s awaits them. A rumour has begun to circulate around the web that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are heading to Asia for an official royal tour this fall.

The rumour first started on Sunday when it was posted on The Mail. If the article is right, we should expect to see the royal couple travel to various Commonwealth countries, which could include Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and Singapore. Sources also say that Sri Lanka is another possible place they will visit, but also that there is “less likelihood of a stop in Brunei.”

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Nothing has been officially reported or at all hinted at from Kensington Palace. So any royal fans that were eager to see the royal visit their home country should not get their hopes up too high. But if the couple is really going on royal tour in Asia, a lot of planning and preparation would need to be done before the couple set off.

In the publication, it says that “fuller details will be announced in the coming weeks”. So we don’t have anything solid to go by, but there are some questions we could try and answer.

Will the trip overlap with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s tour of Africa?

The Palace is yet to confirm this trip as well, with only a vague report for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s trip to Africa to go by. The reported royal tour would take place in October and last two weeks. It is highly unlikely that both couples will be away at the same time. The report says that William and Kate’s trip to Asia will be “weeks apart” from Meghan and Harry’s trip to Africa.

Will this be the couple’s first trip to Asia?

This will not be their first time visiting Asia, as they went on tour in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific in the fall of 2012. During their trip, which marked Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, they visited Singapore, Malaysia, the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu. In addition, the couple went to India in 2016.

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Will they be joined by their kids?

With so little information, it is hard to say whether Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will be going along. However, it’s worth noting that George was just 8 months old when he made his first royal tour to Australia and New Zealand, and Charlotte was 16 months old when she made her trip to Canada. So, Louis would certainly fit within this age range.

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