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Friends: What’s The Reason Monica’s Apartment Was Purple?

Well we have many questions about our favorite Friends that we still don’t know the answers to. However, we have not wondered much about the color of Monica Gellers apartment. Have you?

But now, when the designer of Friends set, John Shaffner, has talked why he opted for that look of the New York apartment, we got intrigued. He also explained why he decided to go for a purple color for the walls.

John spoke with Great Big Story about his thought process behind the set design. He revealed how difficult was to convince producers that purple was the right choice for the iconic New York City set. Shaffner said: “Everybody was really anxious about it. Nobody likes change until I painted the little model [apartment] purple.”

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He continued: “Color is really important in establishing the show identity. When you switch to Friends, you see that it is purple and you stay tuned.”


Apparently the reason why John opted for the bold lilac hue is because it stood out. And the color helped to differentiate the show from other sitcoms, for sure. Without a doubt, it was a risk that paid off.

And yes, they didn’t forget to ask the set designer why he chose to include the mysterious door in Monica’s apartment from the very beginning. And if you haven’t forgot it wasn’t opened until the eight season.

He said: “One of the responsibilities of a production designer is to look into the future.” When the show first started, he didn’t know of Monica’s secret habits.

“If you can, anyway. We put a door all the way up this hallway and we really didn’t say where it went to. I said, ‘Why don’t we just wait and see where the story is taken?'”

Watch the full interview with John Shaffner:

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