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Grey’s Anatomy: The Indication That Amelia Won’t Die

As is the tradition on Grey’s Anatomy we can go an episode without drama. As if everything that happened to Meredith and the gang wasn’t enough, one of them is sick. Amelia Shepard has a brain tumor. But hasn’t this been done before with Izzie?-you might ask, however, this might have a different ending based on one single clue.


That clue is Owen Hunt. Both Owen and Amelia are damaged people, brought together because they are the only ones that can withstand much more than anyone else. But Amelia has been acting erratic within the confines of their relationship(among other things also) and Owen has had enough. Amelia disappears for weeks and has Edwards cover for her, and seems unbothered that Owens sister that has been presumed dead for 10 years has returned.Those are signs of a person who hasn’t got it together. Amelia has a past with trauma (murdered dad, dead brother, dead fiancé, dead baby) and drug abuse. She has been trying to get past everything, but she uses them as an excuse for her behavior. But that’s not the reason why. She has a brain tumor.

At the moment, Owen and Amelia aren’t on the best of terms, and that is the single reason why she will live. Grey’s Anatomy executive producer Krista Vernoff told TVLine and said that Amelia’s tumor has more to do with marriage than anything else. She said:

“You can look forward to the [story delving into the] complexity of what it is to have a marriage in crisis and then find out there’s this illness, and then potentially know that the illness caused the crisis. Does that allow you to come back from the crisis?”

That doesn’t sound like a character that’s headed for death. And just look at how happy they were while filming the 300th episode of the show.As happy as they can be.

Amelia’s tumor can go two ways as a plot device -the first being is that she tells Owen and he doesn’t care because he has had enough. She then dies and leaves Owen tortured and forced to explore a future without a wife how harsh he might have been. This is highly unlikely. The second one is much more likely. Amelia admits that she is sick and Owen steps up because if anything, Owen is the one to step up in a situation like this. All past problems will be forgotten and they will rebuild their relationship, step by step. There is also the question, “Does Amelia really love Owen?” It seems that she has had that tumor for quite a long time, way before her courtship with Owen.Another complication is Megan because she wants to return to her home in Iraq and while Owen doesn’t want to lose her, he’s going to care for his sick wife.Brain tumor wife beats abdomen surgery sister, apparently.

This situation is quite ironic, a situation where a character is thrown into a situation where he could help another one but not himself. Ironic, she could save others from death, but not herself. However, it seems she isn’t going anywhere mostly because her death would be a hard hit for everyone and we aren’t sure if they could take it.Let them be happy for once.So there’s no need to fear, Grey’s Anatomy fans – Amelia Shepard is here to stay, with or without a brain tumor.

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