Harry Asked For Kate’s Approval Before Proposing To Meghan

According to reports, the Prince went to his sister-in-law before proposing to his girlfriend for approval.

The Queen might be the one who gives the royals official consent when it comes to marrying outside of the family, but in Prince Harry’s case, he also wanted the approval of his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton.

Before proposing to his now-wife Meghan Markle, Prince Harry reportedly went to his sister-in-law and BFF-the Duchess of Cambridge-to make sure it was a good idea.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl explains in Grazia UK: ‘Harry and Kate are very close, she’s been like a mentor to him and he wanted her seal of approval. Kate is different from Meghan in many ways, but she has made great strides to help Meghan settle in.’

kate middleton and prince harry

According to the publication, Prince Harry introduced the now Duchess of Sussex Megan Markle to Kate way back in November 2016, just four months after they started dating.

They also hung out on another occasion, when Meghan visited Harry in January 2017-less than a year before he got down on one knee. There she reportedly met with Princess Charlotte and Kate and gifted her future sister-in-law a leather-bound ‘dream diary’ for her 35th birthday.

It is known that the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry developed a very close bond ever since she began dating his brother, Prince William, at the university.

kate middleton and prince harry

The two have been seen laughing together on numerous royal events and even worked together to develop the Head’s Up campaign to raise awareness of mental health.

According to a 2017 Newsweek feature about the prince, Kate ‘helped fill’ the gap in his life that was left by the late Princess Diana after her death.

‘When she and William got engaged, Harry called her the big sister he never had,’ read an excerpt from the piece. ‘He often pops into their apartment at Kensington Palace, where she cooks him a meal—roast chicken is reportedly a particular favorite.’

kate middleton and prince harry


Following Harry and Meghan’s engagement last year, Kate couldn’t help but gush about the happy couple.

‘William and I are absolutely thrilled,’ she said.

‘It’s such exciting news. It’s a really happy time for any couple and we wish them all the best and hope they enjoy this happy moment.’

Meghan and Kate were spotted at the Women’s Wimbledon final earlier this year having a great time.

Nicholl’s source describes Kate and Meghan’s friendship these days as ‘still slowly blossoming. Kate has gone out of her way to be friendly to Meghan, and Meghan has been very grateful for that’.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

The Duchess – who just celebrated her son Prince Louis’ christening – is reportedly unfazed by Meghan’s popularity with the public and feels no competition with her sister-in-law.

‘Friends say that she is thrilled that the spotlight isn’t on her at a time when she wants to enjoy being with her family and remain relatively low-key,’ writes Nicholl.

It’s great seeing the two Duchess’ bond and conspire for the throne…I mean royal gossip.

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