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The Heartbreaking Thing Prince William Told Diana After She Lost Her Title in the Divorce

When Prince Charles and Princess Diana put an end to their marriage, their older son, Prince William, was only 14 years old. Then, William was a student at Eton College. He was studying biology, art history, and geography and playing soccer and water polo. Prince William still hadn’t begun his official royal duties or military career.

prince william and diana

In fact, William was a normal teenager, besides, the whole being king one day, thing. And like any other teenagers, he was pretty bummed about these parents splitting up. However, as second in line to the British throne, William recognized his (future) power and promised his mother something that is both adorable and heartbreaking.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce was finalized in August 1996. However, some drama surrounding her royal title followed. According to reports, Queen Elizabeth II wanted to let Diana keep the style of her royal highness. Yet, Charles was “adamant” that she give it up, instead, she was given the title Diana, Princess of Wales.

William reportedly has comforted his mother after the loss of her title by saying, “Don’t worry, Mummy, I will give it back to you one day when I am king.”

Tragically, Diana died in a car crash just a little over a year after William made his touching promise to her.

Prince William and Prince Harry have opened up about their mother, as the 20th anniversary of her death approaches. They share stories about the time spent with her. In addition, they are honouring her impact, both with the charities they support and the traditions she’s passed on to them.

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