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How Is It Like Being Married To Prince Harry: Meghan Markle Reveals

Meghan Markle has answered what many people around the world have been asking and that is: what being married to Prince Harry is like.

The newest member of the royal family had just finished with her first solo appearance alongside the Queen during, in which they visited Cheshire. There Meghan got the chance to freely converse with Royals fans.

And she couldn’t help but gush about her new husband.

meghan markle and queen

As it was reported by People magazine, the Duchess of Sussex proudly told Sharon Briscoe from Wales that she was indeed loving her married life.

“It is wonderful, I’m really enjoying it,” Meghan told Sharon.

The royal fan then told the former Suits star to pass on some love to Harry and to make sure she looks after him.

According to the media outlet, Meghan replied with: “I will do. That means an awful lot to us. He’s the best husband ever.”

Fans who were there, lined up on the streets in hopes of meeting the Duchess were amazed at how much time Meghan spent with the fans, taking her time instead of rushing.

meghan markle

Another sweet moment was captured when the Duchess was asked how she enjoyed her wedding day.

“We all had a great day, the sun was shining… Very lucky all round,” she replied with a big smile.

Despite the fact she is still learning the royal ropes, the gracious 36-year-old seems to be taking like a duck to water when it comes to meeting with the public – a clear crowd favorite!

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