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How Meghan Can Bring This Major Change After Her Baby’s Birth

Meghan Markle could make another major change after she gives birth to her first child, something that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, didn’t do.

Judi James, a body language expert, thinks that since Prince Harry and Meghan never had a problem with showing affection in public, which has its unwritten royal rule, it is almost guaranteed that they will also be affectionate towards Baby Sussex.

Harry and Meghan in Morocco

They will most likely be hands-on parents when it comes to raising their firstborn, which means that both Meghan and Harry will not shy away from holding their child in public as often as possible.

“Royal wives have often appeared after a birth holding the baby while the husband beams rather sheepishly and awkwardly beside them. But for Harry, I suspect the term ‘hands-on’ might be just that, so we could see Harry holding the baby a lot while Meghan fondly embraces them both,” she told Express.

On the other side we have the Duchess of Cambridge, who can be seen with a baby holder throughout the majority of her children’s photos, even when Prince William is around.

According to James, the future Queen or Queen Consort is relatively ungiving when it comes to body language cues, tells and even leakage during her pregnancy and beyond.

James said that Middleton almost had no non-verbal references to the fact that she was pregnant with Prince George and Princess Charlotte years ago. However, we did notice a slight change when it came to her pregnancy with Prince Louis.

Kate and Meghan

Meghan, in comparison, has no such inhibitions, and is way more relaxed about her pregnancy in contrast to Kate, regularly stroking or clasping her tummy with her hands. Markle has also been more vocal in her pregnancy displays compared to Middleton.

“Her delight and pride in her baby bump has been obvious in the way that she has been using the two-handed cradling gesture and even flicking her coat aside at appearances to allow the fans and crowds glimpses, rather than masking or concealing it as royals might have done before her. Like Kate, she has been pitch-perfect but in a different way,” James said.

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