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Is Meghan Markle The New Princess Diana?

Meghan Markle’s arrival into the upper echelons of the British royal family has ruffled feathers as expected. And it seems that Markle is changing the old rules. But, can she be the new Princess Diana?

Royal author Katie Nicholl described Meghan Markle as a vibrant woman with a well-formed personality. She compares Markle to Princess Diana, and says they are “a breath of fresh air.”

“She’s clearly very self-assured, fearless even. in that respect, she is really a breath of fresh air. She’s not a blank canvas onto which royals can project an image, but already has a clear idea of who she is and what she wants to achieve. You haven’t seen anyone like this since Diana,” royal author Katie Nicholl told Grazia.

But to be fair, at first, when the young Diana Spencer was brought in the royal spotlight as Prince Charles’s probable bride, she wasn’t confident and bold woman. She was even called “Shy Di.” Yet, she gained her confidence in time. She grew into her role, resisted the royal traditions and became the ‘People’s queen’.

“Meghan doesn’t seem to be intimidated by the royal family. She has taken everything in her stride and handled her foray into the royal family with impressive confidence.”

Katie agrees that Meghan influence on Prince Harry has been all positive. She says that both of them have the same core beliefs that will only make them stronger.

“Having observed Harry for the past decade, it’s very apparent to me that she’s had a really positive influence on him. He’s dropped his guard and really seems to be enjoying life. We’ve heard from him more than ever before and he’s been honest about his mother, to his great credit. It feels like he’s met the right woman at the right time in his life.”

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