Jackie Chan cried over his love child

Tiffany Chen, a movie producer, has spoken up for actor Jackie Chan. She is saying that her friend is a man of affection and many times he has cried over his love child, Etta Ng.

Last Saturday at a charity dinner, Jackie reacted to reporters. Two days ago that event beauty queen Elaine Ng and lawyer Mary Jean Reimer claimed at a press conference that she had not received a cent from her daughter’s father, Chan.

The movie producer said that it was Ng who put her former lover Chan and his wife Lin Feng-jiao in a dilemma, reported Ming Pao Daily News.

“Someone was determined to give birth. Etta is the most innocent, most pitiful one because she had no choice. Her mummy had a choice.”

It seems like she did not know about Ng’s financial difficulties, but added:

“When Etta is big enough, 21, I believe Jackie Chan will give Etta money, but not her mummy.”

Tiffany said that Jackie’s and Lin’s can’t do anything. Even if Lin intends to help her husband’s child, she cannot do that because Etta is another woman’s child still.

Someone who was on Ng’s side and who has since died, blackmailed Chan. Therefore the actor “embraced us and cried”, Chen said.

Last Thursday, Ms. Reimer said Chan rejected Ng’s request for help, who was jobless in 2015.

Chen said Chan gave up on Ng because of her actions. When Ng was asked about Chen’s comments, she told Oriental Daily News: “I dare not answer.”

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