Jason Jordan’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

This week on Monday Night Raw, Kurt Angle revealed the secret he has been hiding for weeks: Jason Jordan is really his son.

Well, actually this is just a WWE storyline. Kurt and Jason are not related in real life. Jason Jordan real name is named Nathan Everhart. He is from Illinois. He has two supportive parents, and three older brothers.


His Parents Were in the Front Row When He Won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship


Jason Jordans Family

Last December, Jason Jordan and his team partner Chad Gable won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship as American Alpha.

This was a big deal for Jason Jordan. He had really worked hard with the WWE for years. It was such a huge day that he made sure that his mother and father were there to see him.

“My mom, my dad and my niece were front row,” Jordan shared the Miami Herald. “Chad had his mom, his dad, his wife, his baby girl. They were all front row as well. I had a lot of friends in the crowd, too. It couldn’t have gone any better.”

In fact, during the broadcast, the camera momentarily cought Jason Jordan’s parents celebrating in the front row. Jason Jordan’s actual father can be usually seen Jordan’s wife’s Instagram page.


He Got Into Wrestling Thanks to His Parents’ Friend


Jordan shared in an interview with The Whig, “I just remember my parents had this very close group of friends they would always get together…We’d always go their one friend’s house and this guy had boxes and boxes of these old WrestleMania and WWF tapes in the basement. I loved going there more than my parents did hanging out with their friends because I could go downstairs and watch wrestling. I would always pick a new tape and watch it.”


He Has a Niece, Trinity


One more very significant member of the family is his niece, Trinity.

Not long ago, he posted a tribute to Trinity on his Instagram. It says that he can’t stop thinking about how awesome she is and how she into grew up into a incredible young lady regardless of the “difficult hand she was dealt in life.”

“She inspires me like you wouldn’t believe,” Jordan wrote of his niece. “Her birthday was 2 days ago and I wish I could have been there to spend it with her. Despite the physical distance, she is always by my side and in my heart!”

Trinity was with his parents when he won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.


He Has Three Brothers, Two of Whom Are in Prison


Jason Jordan

During one episode of WWE’s Breaking Ground, Jordan revealed that two out of his three brothers are imprison. And one of them is in prison for life.

He says that that is a big motivation for him.

“My motivation comes from a negative place,” Jordan said on the show. “…I’ve seen my brothers hit rock bottom. I know what that place is. And all that’s done is motivate me to pursue my dream.”

            He Is Married to April Everhart

Jason Jordan and April Everhart got married in March 2017. She works as a hair stylist at SportClips Haircuts, according to her Instagram page.

You can see her always by Jordan’s side for many WWE events. April has also had the chance to hang out with WWE superstars like Sasha Banks.

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