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Jim Parsons Shares How He Picked Young Sheldon Actor

The ‘Big Bang Theory’ star, Jim Parsons, has revealed what is the reason why he chose the actor who will play his mini-me in Young Sheldon.

Jim Parsons made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday. There he revealed he had a hand in picking who should play his mini version of his awkward character in the forthcoming spin-off series.

Iain Armitage will play the role, the scene-stealing son of Shailene Woodley’s character in Emmy-nominated drama Big Little Lies.


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And now, Parsons has praised Iain’s “mind-blowing” audition for helping him decide.

“They wrote the most trial-by-fire, two-page monologue and all these kids were coming in with it and they were all really good,” explained Parsons.

“But Iain, when his tape came in, it was mind-blowing and I thought, ‘he looks really young but he must be 13 to be able to do this’ – but he was 8.

“He is such a man-child. He thinks like a man.

“He’s fantastic. I didn’t think I was very good with kids but I’m fine with him. He’s such a sweet kid, too.”

Parsons also revealed his on-screen prodigy got him a very Sheldon-inspired wedding gift.

“He wanted to get me a gift for my wedding,” he added. “An ant farm – and he said, ‘congratulations on your new children.'”

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