Justin Bieber: “I’m always going to be myself on this stage”

Bieber shared a, now deleted, tweet to his followers where he offered and explanation for his incidents. He also asked those who attend the concerts to keep the noise level to a minimum.

People tend to want to shut you down. What I mean by that is… people try to twist things, some people don’t want to listen. But I simply feel like, if I didn’t use this platform to say how I truly feel, and if I didn’t use this platform to be the man that I know I am, and speak from what’s in my heart, then I’m doing myself injustice, and I’m not doing anybody in this audience any justice” – wrote Bieber.

World Tour 2016

There’s going to be times where I say the wrong thing, because I’m human. But I don’t pretend to be perfect and I hope to God that, you know, I don’t say the right thing all the time because if that was the case then I’d be a robot, and I’m just, I’m not a robot

“There’s times when I get upset… times when I get angry, there’s times when I’m going to be frustrated. But I’m always going to be myself on this stage.”

Bieber received criticism for walking off the stage during his show in Manchester due to the fans being too loud. After a few minutes he returned and told the crowd “We’re just going to do the music. Obviously Manchester just can’t handle it, so let’s do the music.”

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