Justin Bieber’s past is coming back to haunt him


The young Canadian singer/songwriter has yet to deal with the consequences of his troubles in Argentina

As the Associated Press says, on Wednesday a judge in Argentina brought back to life Justin’s past troubles. Bieber is accused for supposedly attacking a photographer in Argentina back in 2013.

To be more precise, the 22 year old star is accused for giving orders to two of his security guards to physically attack a photographer and steal his camera and money outside of a nightclub in Buenos Aires.Justin abusing the Argentine flag on stage

Soledad Nieto, a court clerk in Buenos Aires confirmed this decision on Thursday. And she said that Judge Alberto Banos didn’t issue an arrest warrant.

The news showed up publicly on TMZ late Wednesday, and the court decision was made on Tuesday.

According to Argentine law, if Bieber is convicted on a charge of causing injuries, he will face from one month up to six years in prison.

Back in 2014, Bieber had an order to return to Argentina to give his statement about the allegations. He didn’t show up and an arrest warrant was issued in 2015. But after some time the warrant was discarded.

On the same trip Justin apologized for abusing the Argentine flag on stage. And during the same tour he got into trouble with the police in Columbia and Brazil for supposedly spraying graffiti.

In May Justin Bieber tweeted: “Argentina I do love you. It is in fact one of my favorite places to tour. I wish this was not the case. My lawyers say it is what it is.”

In the recent past Bieber a few unpleasant encounters in the media as he cancelled meet-and-greets, punched someone in the face in Spain and asked the audience in the United Kingdom to “relax”.

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