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Kate Middleton And Prince George’s Back-To-School Shopping Outing Revealed

On Tuesday the Duchess of Cambridge was seen shopping in Peter Jones on Sloane Square in London. Kate was joined by her oldest child, Prince George, for this private outing, according to one of the shop assistants that work at the store.

The worker also noted that the shop, which belongs to the John Lewis family, is a favourite of the royal, as she explains that the Duchess regularly visits it.


Revealing even more details about Kate’s visits, the assistant revealed that the Duchess would always be discreet when she visits the store, using the candle shop door for coming in and out rather than the main exit.

Apparently Kate isn’t the only one who is a regular at the shop, as Pippa Middleton, Kate’s sister, often calls in also, having just stopped by last week to buy birthday cards.

The nature of the visit to the shop by Kate and George is unknown, but with the school year starting just a few days away it wouldn’t surprise us if the two royals had gone out to shop for school supplies-not only for George, but for Charlotte and Louis as well.

Sloane Square is just a few minutes away from Kensington Palace, the place where the Cambridge family will soon be moving from, so it makes sense they would shop there.

The family will be moving to Windsor at their new home, Adelaide Cottage, however, they might find it a bit disappointing that there is no John Lewis in town-with the nearest one to the Berkshire town being in Reading.

It is a time of great change for the Cambridge family, as with their move to Windsor all three of their children will be moving to a new school. George, Charlotte and Louis will all start attending Lambrook, one of the more highly rated private schools in the country.

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The school, which costs a measly £6,999 per term, is just a short drive away from their new home Adelaide Cottage. So it seems that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have it all planned out for the move to their new 19th-century home in Windsor.

The biggest reasons for the move are that they have decided to be closer to Her Majesty the Queen, who has recently decided to stay at Windsor Castle as she continued to struggle with her mobility issues. Another reason for the move, according to the couple, is that moving away from London is the best for their three children and their future development.

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