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Kate Middleton:10 Parenting Rules She Goes By

6.Play Music

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte

It seems that there is quite the party at Kensington Palace. The Modern Mother’s Handbook encourages moms not only to sing to the baby but to go online and buy music that you can play around your house. Kate takes this advice even further by singing, dancing and playing instruments with her kids.

7.Encourage Them To Find Their Talent

Princess Charlotte Reveals Secret Talent At The Polo Match


This seems like a no-brainer good advice to follow. The Modern Old-Fashioned Mom wants parents to expose her kids to as many fun, cool and different experiences as possible. Kate is encouraging Prince Georges love of motorcycles, planes, and helicopters. At Trooping of the Colour in 2016, Kate got right down to Georges level of view and shared his excitement at the planes. Little Charlotte has her own hobbies also, such as a love for horses, and even though she doesn’t have the same passion she supports her daughter’s interest.

8.Don’t Force Your Kids To Do Things

Kate Middleton:10 Parenting Rules

Who can forget when the family arrived in Victoria, BC and Prince George wasn’t in the best mood, it had been a long flight and he was tired. When Justin Trudeau kneeled down and asked George for a high-five, the three-year-old refused. Instead of bashing him for not saying hello, Kate got down to his level and made sure that everything was okay amid all the attention. The Modern Old-Fashioned Mom says that forcing your children to do anything they don’t want to is very bad, as you are ignoring what your child is trying to say to you. George is saying “Mum, I’m overwhelmed” and Kate is hearing him out.

9.Teach Toughfulness Early

Kate and William try to make sure their kids are grateful for all they have been given

It can be quite easy for a prince and princess to get spoiled, with all the luxuries they get to enjoy, but Kate and William try to make sure their kids are grateful for all they have been given and that they always say thank you-just what the Modern Old-Fashioned mom advises. When Barrack and Michelle Obama made their visit to Kensington Palace in April 2016, the couple made sure that George came out (in monogrammed robe and all) and thank the couple for the gift they got him when he was born.

10.Dress Your Children Well

Watch Cheeky Charlotte Refusing To Give Her Flowers To A Royal Aide


This is one rule that we are sure that Kate follows. I mean look at how fabulous they look. The author suggests that grooming your kids and dressing them nicely is a way to “instill a sense of self-respect and dignity that will last a lifetime.” Kate has definitely got this down-as the family is always seen with style, and even sometimes they wear matching colors.

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