Leonardo DiCaprio gave Ivanka Trump a copy of his Climate Change Documentary

Before The Flood DVD ended up in Ivanka’s hands during her private meeting with Leonardo DiCaprio.

DiCaprio is constantly raising the awareness of global warming. In the hour and a half long documentary Before The Flood, Leonardo talks about the climate change.

          The Documentary is directed by Martin Scorsese. And Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Pope Francis and Ban Ki-Moon are starring in it.

Leonardo DiCaprio Documentary

DiCaprio’s mission goes a long way back showing the damaging effects of climate change. He discussed the issue several times in front of the United Nations. Even his Oscar winning speech was dedicated to this problem. He has been working through his foundation since 1998.

After he got support and understanding from Barack Obama, now he is aiming for the support of Donald Trump’s daughter – Ivanka.

According to The Independent, Leo and the daughter of the President-elect had a recent private meeting where the actor gave her a DVD of the documentary.

Leonardo DiCaprio Documentary

Environmentalists all over the world were concerned about the election on Donald Trump and his denials of climate change. 4 years ago Donald tweeted that the global warming has been created by the Chinese to hurt the US economy.

But despite approach on the climate change, his daughter Ivanka wants to become an ambassador for the environmental issue. Ivanka is considered to be on of the most liberal influencers close to Trump.

Leonardo DiCaprio Documentary

She has a lot of left-leaning powerful friends and companions that are expecting her to be able to have an effect on many of her father’s objectives.

Ivanka has taken the role as a First Daughter very seriously and she had already been attending a meeting with her father and the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, only 10 days after the election..

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