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Mayim Bialik Confirmed: Where Season 11 Will Begin?


“Big Bang Theory” star, Mayim Bialik is back on set, after ending Season 10 on a major cliffhanger for Amy, her character.

And now, Mayim is giving us some details about what to expect for Amy in the premiere episode.

Bialik shares her thoughts on her blog about coming back to the show. She wrote about reuniting with the co-stars. And the most important thing, what can we expect when “Big Bang Theory” addresses its big cliffhanger.

Big Bang Theory

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All of us has been in the dark since the last episode. Sheldon made a bold move after he accidentally entertained an inappropriate relationship with a colleague while Amy was away. However, when he realized that his friend wanted more than friendship, he hopped a plane to Princeton, New Jersey and proposed to Amy.

Luckily, the 41-year-old actress has shared that the first episode of season 11 won’t play around too much, if at all, before showing what happens after that infamous moment.

“They could have done a thousand different storylines to keep you all waiting…but they pick up right where we left off,” Bialik wrote on the blog. “And by ‘right where we left off’ I mean literally – RIGHT WHERE WE LEFT OFF. As in: same set, same body position, same robe for me and barely any makeup (Mayim the Actor always wanted to look a bit more made-up when Sheldon proposed but Amy the Character was caught off-guard so, barely any makeup it is!), and I needed to get a hair trim to make sure my hair is the same length as it was 3 and a half months ago!”

We can’t wait to figure out Amy’s answer to Sheldon’s proposal when the show returns on September 25.

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