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Meghan Makes Solo Visit To University Of Johannesburg

On Tuesday morning, Meghan arrived for a roundtable discussion with the Association of Commonwealth Universities, at University of Johannesburg, ready to undertake another full day of engagements.

She met with academics and students to discuss the challenges faced by young women in accessing higher education.

As the Duchess arrived, she was cheered with screams from students who were lined up along a wall overlooking the entrance.

Meghan Makes Solo Visit To University Of Johannesburg

Meghan received a warm welcome by Glavan, director of the British Council in South Africa, and Professor Tshilidzi Marwala, vice chancellor of the university.

For the engagement, Meghan wore a Banana Republic dress in her favourite trench coat style; whiche she paired with beige Stuart Weitzman pumps and a bracelet by Alemdara.

The dress is similar like the one she was dressed in when she and Harry formally introduced son Archie to the world at a Windsor Castle photo call in May.  
Meghan Makes Solo Visit To University Of Johannesburg

At the University event, “Meghan said As patron of the ACU it has been an incredible year now and we are really working to advocate for what is truly and deeply important to me: education and higher education, specifically is such a key element for growth, for economic growth and personal growth.”

“I think so much of what we should be talking about at ACU is supporting people to know that … you can take the next step,” she said.

Meghan Makes Solo Visit To University Of Johannesburg

“So much is about having the support and scholarships and funding for students … That was the reason I was able to attend university.

“At the same level you need to have that support on the inside to be able to give as much back to those in the education system”

While there, she also announced three new Gender Grants for the University of Johannesburg, Stellenbosch University and the University of Western Cape.

Meghan Makes Solo Visit To University Of Johannesburg

“The goal here is to be able to have gender equality, to be able to support women as they are working in research and higher education roles,” she said.

“And also to be able to have workshops, convene things that are really helping people understand the importance of gender equality. True to what you said, when a women is empowered it changes absolutely everything in the community and starting an educational atmosphere is really a key point of that.”

“If you don’t have the support that is necessary that you feel that you can keep taking the next step then you’re stunted in growth.”
Meghan Makes Solo Visit To University Of Johannesburg

Following her visit, Professor Marwala said: ‘Meghan will absolutely inspire woman because she is black.’ He had earlier told the discussion: ‘If you want to feed a village you have to empower women.’

Meanwhile her husband Prince Harry is on his last day of engagements in Malawi. He visited the Mauwa Health Centre, Pharmacy in a Box and Youth Reproductive Health Outreach program.  

Meghan Makes Solo Visit To University Of Johannesburg

Through this projects, the UK and US have supported the introduction of solar-powered storage units to provide life-saving medicines where they are most needed.

He will fly back to South Africa to see his family in Johannesburg. The Sussexes will return home in London on Wednesday.

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