Is Meghan Markle leaving Suits?

Is Meghan Markle moving one step closer to Kate Middleton territory?

The “Suits” star is asking the show’s producers to write her character off the show, according to British tabloid The Daily Star. Apparently, she made this decision in order to devote to her relationship and spend more time with prince Harry.


It was December when Suits creator Aaron Korsh released an information about the possibility of a major cast member leaving the show was ‘certainly not’ happening, during an interview with TV Line.

Meghan and Harry have been in a long distance relationship since last year, owing to the fact that she was filming Suits in Toronto. What a surprise it could be if Markle left Suits to move to London with her royal boyfriend: She has said in the past, “I’ve never wanted to be a lady who lunches. I’ve always wanted to be a woman who works.”

Although after six seasons on Suits, and in the name of true love with the world’s most desirable bachelor, she may be swayed to make the big move.

meghan markle and prince harry


It’s a move that means she would have to leave Toronto, where she is currently based on filming the hit television show.

In meantime, the loving couple may get a trial run of living together as Prince Harry is set off to Canada, where ‘Suits’ is filmed, and while he is there he could stay with Markle.



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