Miley Cyrus Reveals Details About Her Sex Life With Liam Hemsworth

Recently, Miley Cyrus showed up on Ellen. She and Ellen talked about the “Malibu” singer plans about her upcoming album, Younger Now. Miley also shared her plans for The Voice. However, Ellen wasn’t interested in any of that.

She was interested to find out more about the singer’s sex life with fiance Liam Hemsworth.

According to NME reports, Miley Cyrus was pretty surprised by Ellen’s intimate questions. DeGeneres was eager to know every detail about Miley and Liam’s sex life. And then Ellen started asking Miley quiz questions that she might have given an answer under other circumstances.

Miley Cyrus  life

Miley shared that the questions made her nervous. Moreover, her grandmother was sitting in the audience, and she was tense about getting too personal.

First, the singer made a joke that her grandmother couldn’t hear anything being said anyway. However, she rephrased her words before getting herself into deeper trouble with the family.

“I’m just kidding, you could hear that,” joked Miley. “I have a mic on.”

Miley Cyrus

Ellen DeGeneres pulled out her copy of Cosmo and the sex quizzes started. Ellen asked the question with her usual charm and gave Miley a look that told the singer she wouldn’t back down from this line of questioning, according to Women’s Health.

“Your sex life with your lover can best be compared to… a roller coaster ride, a luxury cruise or a commuter trip on a concord jet?”

Miley confessed that sex with Liam Hemsworth would be as a concord jet. It seems that Ellen was a little bit disappointed by the answer, mentioning that comparing her sex life to a concord jet meant it was fast.

Miley had an answer already, telling DeGeneres, “I’m good.”

The next question was how does she feel when her lover calls. This one took Cyrus a minute to determine if she would be happy to hear his voice or be more excited to hear some good news. Anyway, she decided that she wanted the good news.

In the meantime, the talk show host commented that she needed to get back to the laundry, speaking about the third choice in the answers.


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