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What Is The Morbid Reason Why The Royals Pack A Spare Outfit When Going Abroad?

The British Royal Family are familiar because of their steady ability to get the right dress code on each occasion.

So it is nothing strange that they have a list of wardrobe rules that they must respect. Anyway, there’s one pretty morbid requirement for when a member of the royal family travels abroad.

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When any royal travels to another country, they have to pack a black ensemble with them, according to The Independent. They have to do this just in case someone in the family dies while they are away. This secures that when they get back in the UK, they are dressed appropriately to mood of the nation.

Still, if you are big fan of the royal family, you may remember that there was one occasion in which they were caught out.

Back in 1952, when Queen Elizabeth was in Kenya with Prince Philip they heard the news that her father had passed away.

The Queen hadn’t packed a black dress with her on the trip. Therefore, she had to wait on the airport for her dress to be delivered so that she didn’t arrive wearing inappropriate clothing.

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