How much celebrity change in order to fit the role?


Very often we see actors go through amazing body and appearance changes in order to fit better into character.

Most recent example of this kind of transformation is Margot Robbie. The Australian actress was seen on the set of the film “I, Tonya”. And she was able to totally represent the two time Olympian Tonya Harding. Margot was rocking out the figure skater’s 90s look, completed with the high-waist jeans and wavy blond hair.

          Besides Margot Robbie here are a few more celebrities that transformed themselves to fit the role they played better.

  • Daniel Day – Lewis. He played the role of Abraham Lincoln, the beloved American president. Only his voice didn’t transformed because Steven Spielberg, the movie director said he had the perfect voice for the 16th US president.

    Daniel Day – Lewis in  the role of Abraham Lincoln


  • Charlize Theron. She acted in the movie Monster. Charlize Theron had to gain additional 30 pounds to fit the role of Aileen Wournos. A serial killer that used to be a prostitute; this transformation brought her an Academy Award for Best Actress.

Charlize Theron in the movie monster


  • Sarah Paulson. In The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, Paulson played the role of Marcia Clark. She got an Emmy award and in the acceptance speech she said: The responsibility of playing a real person is an enormous one. You want to get it right, not for you, but for them.”

Sarah Paulson in the role of Marcia Clark


  • Matthew McConaughey. He acted as Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club. Ron was a HIV/AIDS patient and Matthew had to lose almost 50 pounds. For this performance McConaughey won an Oscar for Best Actor.

Matthew McConaughey acted as Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club


  • Jared Leto. In Chapter 27 Jared Leto played the role of the man who killed John Lennon. To fit the character he had to gain additional 60 pounds. Leto was offered to wear a fat suit but he

Jared Leto played the role of the man who killed John Lennon

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