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One Hidden Thing About Kate And William’s Relationship Revealed

Kate Middleton and Prince William have a very special relationship, but there is one secret about it that they do not allow the public to see, according to relationship expert Jo Hemmings.

Behavioural Psychologist Ms Hemmings said on the Royal Box that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have more “fun” that might be obvious to observers. Ms Hemmings said: “It’s a very respectful relationship. There’s a lot of fun in it, but we don’t always see the fun.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William at bafta 2019

She added that the Duchess already acts like a Queen whilst married to the second-in-line to the throne.

Ms Hemmingspointed out how the couple is not very tactile in public, but seem to look at each other in a loving way.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, however, have a “passionate” and “intimate relationship”.

The expert said she believes both couples have fun.



Ms Hemmings said: “Often Kate is teasing him he takes it on the chin.



“She’s adapted to that regal pre-Queen role already.

“They’re not particularly tactile, but there’s that look.

“They just seem genuinely happy together.”

She was discussing the relationship of the Cambridge with the Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter, historian Kate Williams and Royal Box presenter Kate Thornton.

kate and william

She told the other women how the Duke of Cambridge enjoyed more privacy in his romantic life than his little brother because he met his wife at university and the boys had a media ban during their education.

She said: “They met at university and they had all that time when they were in their late teens.

“I think they are extraordinarily well-suited.”

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