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Prince William And Kate Strict Family Rule About Going To Bed Angry

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have always been doing their best when it comes to parenting. Prince William and Kate Middleton are proud parents of three wonderful children, and over the years the two have showed great teamwork and communication when it came to raising their children.

This, of course, includes setting rules together and enforcing them.

An example of a rule in their house is that shouting is not allowed! Not only for the children, but for them as well. The couple, instead, encourage Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis to have constructive conversations about what’s bothering them.

Another rule they have is that under no circumstance should someone go to bed angry.

“The children are encouraged to talk about their feelings,” a royal source explains.

“They express their concerns over school subjects, a swimming class, a tricky ballet maneuver, a missed tennis rally, or seeing children starving on a TV ad. But a talk ensues and a solution found.”

William and Kate lead by example and never break their own rules. So no shouting, no going to bed angry, as well as committing to communicating with their children and not just telling what’s best. The Duke and Duchess also never send their kids mixed messages and try to be in-sync most of the time.

Prince William 38th birthday photo on a swing with George, Charlotte and Louis

“There is no question of one parent saying ‘no’ and the other saying ‘yes’ later on as Kate and Prince William want to present a unified parental front to their children,” the source explained, adding that one of those rules includes limited TV time. “The television is not on throughout the day and programs have to be met with parental approval.”

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