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Prince William Announces New Patronage And Pays Tribute To The Brits

On Sunday, it was announced that Prince William has become patron of the National Emergency Trust (NET). And, in honour of his new role, he shared some heartfelt words of gratitude with volunteers from two small charities in Yorkshire and Wales. The charities he spoke to have received money from the National Emergencies Trust (NET).

Speaking with Jacky Crawford from Moorland Community Charity, Prince William praised the community spirit that “comes rushing back” during the coronavirus outbreak and says Britain is “at its best” when faced with a crisis.

Prince William becomes patron of National Emergency Trust

Jacky told the Prince that the charity has seen a “really dramatic increase” in referrals since the outbreak of COVID-19. “There’s nothing like a crisis to bring you all together,” she added.

William replied: “I agree with you. I think Britain is at its best, weirdly, when we’re all in a crisis. That community spirit and community feel comes rushing back quicker than anything else.”

Prince William also chatted with Natalie Webster from Dal Dy Dir, a community farm in Powys, Wales, which supports people with disabilities and other marginalized groups.

William said: “Thank goodness you’re there, Natalie. It’s got to be reassuring for everyone when so much is changing around them to know that you’re still there and your team are still looking out for them. That little bit of reassurance goes a long way.”

Natalie replied: “We’ve really tried to encourage people to think about communities working together… We’re lucky in Wales, we have a really good community spirit.”

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William added: “I’ve always felt that. The Welsh are always really good at coming together and looking after each other. You see that always in the rugby matches, there’s always a good Welsh national vibe going on there. I love it.”

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