Rapper Troy Ave survived shooting on Christmas Day


          Troy Ave inside his Maserati was the target in the shooting on a Brooklyn street corner on Christmas.

Aed ccording to a police sources the shooting happenat Irving Plaza.

The 34 year old rapper was in his car on E. 91 St. and Linden Blvd. at around 4:20 p.m. in East Flatbush. Then an attacker came and started shooting at Troy Ave, whose real name is Roland Collins.

Troy after being shot in the arm and with a scratch on his head headed towards the Brookdale Hospital, six blocks away from the where the shooting took place.

Hours after the incident his convertible bright red Maserati remained on the streets with open doors and blood on the driver’s seat.

 Troy Ave

Collins and his girlfriend had stopped on a red light when the attacker approached Collins’ car. The gunman was wearing a hoodie pulled down to hide his face and started shooting at the driver’s side of the car. – said Collins’ lawyer John Stella.

Dope boy Troy all good, Merry Christmas

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When Collins saw the attacker with his gun pointed at him, he started driving away. After some time driving, he realized that he is bleeding seriously and a helpful person took him and his girlfriend to Brookdale Hospital.

His lawyer also stated that despite being in severe pain, the rapper is grateful that he and his girlfriend made it out alive.

          This isn’t the first time Troy Ave and the word shooting are put together. In May at a T. I. concert there was a shooting that had one casualty, Collins’ bodyguard Ronald McPhatter. Since then, Collins is out on $500.000 bail.

During the shooting in May, Collins was shot in the leg when he tackled the attacker to get his gun away after he shot McPhatter and fired back in self-defense.

Earlier this month, Collins spoke in front of 20 high school students at Columbia University’s Teachers College. Showing his ankle monitor, he explained that it comes from choices that he had to make at the time. He was in a fight or fright situation for his freedom, and now he has got to fight to clear his name.

Collins has to show up in court on 26th January. And so far no other shooters in the Irving Plaza shooting have been caught.

 Troy Ave

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