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Riverdale Season 2: Why Betty’s & Chic’s Reunion Is Dark

Riverdale Season 2 is soon to be back after the winter break in a couple of weeks, and with it, we will be getting one of the most anticipated moments this year. Betty’s reunion with her brother Chic. Lili Reinhart, who plays Betty, during an interview with Glamour dropped quite interesting details on what we should expect from her reunion with her long-lost brother, Chic. This will be Chic’s debut on the show, and as we might expect from Riverdale, it seems that the reunion between the siblings will be very, very dark.

At the end of season 1, Betty found out that she and Polly have a secret older brother, but the revelation was overshadowed by the murder of Jason Blossom mystery she was investigating at the moment. We got nothing else about that revelation except that there is another Cooper out there somewhere. We, the fans, knew that they would mention this information and leave it just at that, and in October, CW started their hunt for who the play Chic Cooper. The role eventually went to a new actor Hart Denton, and this will be his first appearance on the show.

During an interview with Glamour, Lili Reinhart told the magazine that Chic Cooper will be showing up in Riverdale right away after the show returns from its winter break on 17 January. She also stated that he might awaken Betty’s darkness, and as we have seen in the past, her family tends to be the trigger for it. Maybe Chic has the same darkness and that could bring quite the dynamic:

 She’s very curious to see if he has that darkness inside him as well. There might be some sister/brother bonding over mental health issues.

This is quite the statement as it raises quite a few questions. First of all, it might suggest that we will get to see Dark Betty, the scary, black-wig wearing alter ego that we haven’t seen since Season1. Another thing is that Reinhart describes that the pull towards the darkness of her character is a mental health issue, which does explain why her behavior hasn’t been directly addressed in the series yet. But the most interesting thing is that it gives fuel to the fan theory that Chic Cooper is somehow involved in the Black Hood business which is central to this season.

After the revelation that the Black Hood is someone that has a very close relationship with Betty it makes Chic the main suspect. And many fans seem to believe this, despite the unmasking we got on the midseason finale when it was revealed that the school janitor Mr. Svenson was the one behind the mask, it might just be a fake-out. A decoy for the second Black Hood who is still on the loose. And if Chic does share Betty’s inner darkness, as it is implied, it’s not that far-fetched that he is the one that has been having phone calls with him as the Black Hood.

But the character of Chic Cooper by itself is a big mystery, like: Who is his father? All we know is that Alice Cooper gave birth to him after telling Hal Cooper that she was pregnant during their high school prom. This resulted in a big fight, with Hal urging her to get an abortion. The reason behind the fight is unclear, and it might have been caused by the fact that Hal isn’t the real father of the baby. We do know that Alice has a background with Southside Serpents and some kind of mysterious relationship with FP Jones. Maybe FP is Chics real father. That would make him the half-brother of not only Betty but Jughead aswell. One thing we know for certain is that his arrival will cause quite the stir in the not so peaceful Riverdale.

Hart Denton has been posting photos from the Riverdale set to his Instagram throughout December, so it definitely looks like his character of Chic Cooper will be making his big arrival sooner rather than later. Riverdale will return with a new episode on Jan. 17 on the CW.

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