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Riverdale Theory: Can This Secret Character Actually Be The Key To Everything

It seems that everyone has some kind of hidden agenda in the town of Riverdale. According to fan theory, even the most innocent of bystanders to all the Black Hood drama might actually be the one who is responsible for everything. And it comes as a surprise that Polly Cooper might be the Black Hood.

Polly, played by Tiera Skovbye, had a bigger part during season 1 of Riverdale when we found out that she was the reason why Jason Blossom (Trevor Stines) wanted to fake his own death. Their plan was to run away together and raise their babies on a farm -a plan that didn’t happen due to the coldblooded murder of Jason at the hands of his own father Clifford (Barclay Hope). The Redditor ScoobyDoo416 thinks that everything that transpired during season 1 had an effect on Polly’s psyche…which caused to become Black Hood.

“We keep being thrown off the scent by the killer constantly bringing up Polly’s safety and her in danger, making the average viewer see her as a damsel in distress in hiding,” ScoobyDoo416 wrote. “What if she’s not really in hiding but behind this entire thing?”

The evidence is quite convincing, and ScoobyDoo416 has pieced it all together.

Firstly, the Black Hood knows a lot about Betty (Lili Reinhart), including her childhood love of Nancy Drew. The killer also notes that they are similar…perhaps even family. And then there’s the fact that the Black Hood seems to start making threats on Polly’s life right after Betty’s sister fled Riverdale-coincidence, or something planned all along?

ScoobyDoo416 also believes that Polly hired someone (or has a co-conspirator) to carry the actual Black Hood crimes in hopes of getting back to the town that wronged her. It would make sense that Polly would have a certain hate for Riverdale’s drug trade, as it was one of the things that led to Jason’s death. And who are Black Hoods most prevalent victims? Mostly drug dealers and users. So much so that the Black Hood shot the “Sugarman” after Betty uncovered his secret schoolteacher identity.

“[Polly] could have beef with the guy that just got busted with the Jingle Jangle ring, as this interfered with the plans Polly and Jason were trying to get away with,” wrote the Redditor.

It all fits together.

For those skeptics, questioning how the murder of Ms. Grundy fits into all this, don’t worry there is a theory explaining how it fits into the whole plot. You know that Grundy (Sarah Habel) gave Jason music lessons? Knowing that Grundy had a thing for high-school-aged boys, its quite possible that she also had a thing with the football player -which could be reason enough for Polly to want her dead.

I’m quite certain that Polly is involved in everything, even though we haven’t seen her for a couple of episodes. Her actress seems to have been cast on Once Upon a Time, and that she won’t appear on the show until the show’s Christmas episode, “Silent Night, Deadly Night”. Maybe that is the perfect time to finally reveal the identity of Black Hood’s true identity.

What if it isn’t Polly? Then who…?

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